How To Properly Hold Drum Sticks


When you are first learning how to use the drums, one of the first skills you need to learn is how to properly hold your drumsticks. If you do not learn how to hold them, you won't learn how to play the drums as quickly. One of the first things you need to learn how to do properly is the matched grip. It's important for both hands to be holding the sticks in the same way.

12 December 2018

Love To Play The Drums? You Should Go To A Band Workshop


If you love to play the drums and have learned out to do this whether on your own or from being in band at school, you should go to a band workshop. This allows you to have a lot of fun being with people that enjoy music as much as you do. Below is some more information about a band workshop, as well as the benefits of going to one.

17 October 2017